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Session Attendance

Date Time Program Attend Not Attend
May 24 10:00~12:30 Opening Ceremony
Session 1-1
12:30~14:00 Luncheon
14:00~17:30 Session 1-2
Session 2
18:30~20:00 Welcome Dinner
May 25 09:30~13:00 Session 3
Session 4
13:00~14:00 Luncheon
14:00~17:00 Session 5
Session 6
Closing Remark
May 26
(Foreigners Only)
09:30~16:00 Industrial Tour
Cultural Tour
*If you choose tour program (Industrial or Cultural), please send a passport copy to the secretariat (Lia Jeong, 2018icao_reg@on-comm.kr)

Spouse / Accompany

Spouse / Accompany person
coming with you?
Date Time Program Attend Not Attend
May 24 18:30~20:00 Welcome Dinner [Full]
Remark *
Please note the name of your Spouse / Accompany person and if she/he has special dietary, it also need to be noted.
(If your Spouse / Accompany person choose industrial tour, please leave the her/his passport number and official name that same as on passport)

Invitation Letter for Visa application
* Please send an email to 2018icao_reg@on-comm.kr after finished registration. The process of Invitation Letter for Visa may request detailed personal information.
Request invitation letter for visa application?


Hotel Room Type Original
Rack Rate (KRW) Night / Room
2018 ICAO Legal Seminar Rate (KRW)
Night / Room
Breakfast (KRW) Hotel → Venue Reservation Form
Paradise city Hotel Deluxe Single 500,000 275,000 Included
(1 Person)
Venue Download
Grand Hyatt Incheon 1 King Bed(East) - - 35,200
(1 Person)
3 min by walk Not available
2 Twin Beds(East) - -
Best Western Premier Premier Double 396,000 99,000 20,000
(1 Person)
10 min by walk Download
Deluxe Twin 374,000 99,000
Nest Hotel Standard Double (Mountain view) 330,000 121,000 27,500
(1 Person)
10 min by car Download
Standard Twin (Mountain view) 330,000 121,000
Hotel Hu Incheon Airport
(Unseo-dong Branch)
Deluxe Double 300,000 90,000 Included
(2 Persons)
10 min by walk Download
Deluxe Twin 300,000 100,000

If you want to book the accommodation for 2018 ICAO Legal Seminar in Asia-Pacific Region, please download the reservation form and send it to the secretariat(2018icao_reg@on-comm.kr).
About cancellations and charges of accommodation are to be handled by the hotel, please contact the hotel directly.
The special rates are applied during the seminar(May 23-26, 2018).

Privacy Protection Policy

‘2018 ICAO Legal Seminar in Asia-Pacific Region’ is organized by ICAO and hosted by MOLIT, is in full compliance with the Privacy Act, Information Act and other such laws that protect privacy and information of users will not be used for unspecified purposes or provided to others without users’ consent. 

1.Collection and Use of Personal Information

A.Items of Personal Information Collected
‘2018 ICAO Legal Seminar in Asia-Pacific Region(2018 ICAO) Secretariat collects the following personal information during registration process to provide you with registration and other services related to the conference.

<Required Information>
- ID(Email Address), Password, Country, Title, Name(First name, Last Name), Affiliation, Department, Position, Mobile Phone, Special Dietary, Phone(Direct),Passport Number, Date of Birth, Address

B. Method of Collection
 * Website, Registration Form, Fax, Telephone, Email
 * Information provided by cooperative partner and organization 

2. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
 * Identification of registrant for confirmation or modification of registration details, and delivery of notifications
 * To offer information or promote the conference by phone, SMS, email and DM
 * Arrange Accompany invitation for applied attendees

3. Duration of Retaining and Using Personal Information

We retain and use personal information from the date you first sign up until the purpose of collection and use of such information is accomplished.
Also, we immediately delete your personal information in case of withdrawal from membership or from the Privacy Policy and Participant Agreement; once the purposes of collection and use of the personal information are achieved; and at the end of the period of retention and use.
However, we retain the following information for the specified period for the reasons below;
 * For handling of participant’s demand: 30 days after withdrawal
 * For giving related conference information: Until the contract termination 

4. Outsourcing of Processing Personal Information
‘‘2018 ICAO Legal Seminar in Asia-Pacific Region’ is organized by ICAO and hosted by MOLIT, operated with ONCOMMUNICATIONS Convention Services, Inc. We may outsource your information for the purpose of preparing the Conference. 

Secretariat of 2018 ICAO Legal Seminar in Asia-Pacific Region

06222 6F, 21-6, Teheran-ro 34-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel: +82-2-6272-7700 Fax: +82-2-6272-7701 E-mail: 2018icao@on-comm.kr